1. The personal information collected from you will only be used for the purpose of identity verification in PCPC member registration. Your name and email address may be used as a medium for communication between you and PCPC if necessary. Your contact information may also be shared with other PCPC members in case of collaboration under mutual agreement and consent.

  2. Please note that it is mandatory for you to provide with us the information marked with asterisks as well as the image copy of your identification document in order for PCPC to verify and proceed with your member registration.

  3. Google Analytics is used on the website to collect statistics on visitors’ browsing behavior. Information collected will only be used for the purpose of managing and improving the PCPC platform.

  4. Only authorised administrators are allowed to gain access to the information you provide to PCPC. We will not disclose or transfer your personal data to any third parties for any purposes without your prior consent.

  5. You have the right to access to or make corrections to any of your information held by us. Please contact our administrators at pcpc.pharm@gmail.com or via the contact form under PCPC platform if you if you wish so.

  6. For further details of our Privacy Policy Statement (PPS), please refer to the relevant section at the bottom of our website.

Personal Information Collection Statement