Service Contents

Pharmacists will provide free medication assessments and consultations via face-to-face, phone or video conferences. Together with participants and/or their caregiver(s), we will -


  • Compile a comprehensive and updated medication list

  • Review your medication therapy, including the indication(s), side effect profile and precaution(s) of each drug 

  • Explore the features of your new or high-risk medications

  • Formulate action plans to better self-manage your health and medications


In addition, participants can also obtain timely supports via our Pharmacist hotline.

Duration of each service session will depend on the needs of  individual participant.

Service Flow

Primary Care

Medication Management Service

Feeling helpless in managing your medications? Being worried about their potential side effects? We believe that these are situations commonly faced by patients who are on chronic medications as well as their caregivers. In light of this, Health In Action is now providing professional medication management service. Through regular consultations and follow-ups, Pharmacists will assist patients and their caregivers to more holistically take charge of their medication therapy and own health. Hand in hand, our Pharmacists will walk with you and guide you through the medication issues encountered. With optimised regimen and enhanced knowledge, you can be the own master of your health too!

Our Targets

Aged 18 year-old or above, any persons with chronic medications and/or their caregiver(s) who fulfil any one of the following criteria:

  1. Concurrently taking 5 or more chronic medications

  2. Wish to learn and understand more about own medications

  3. Recent change(s) in drug regimen

  4. Newly prescribed with new or high-risk medications (e.g. Anti-diabetics, Blood-thinners, Inhalers, Immunosuppressants, etc.)

  5. Cannot accurately follow administration instructions on drug labels 

  6. Wish to receive professional assistance in drug management

Aims of Service

Targeting community patients with chronic medications and their caregiver(s), this service aims to:

  1. Provide medication management service to promote medication safety

  2. Enhance ability in self-managements of health and disease

Health In Action x Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, HKU

Service Locations

Depending on the residing district and needs of our participants, our service can either be conducted online or at the service site of different entities, including:


  • Health In Action -
    Kwai Tsing Community Health Management Hub (Kwai Hing)

  • Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association -
    Southern District Integrated Elderly Service Center (Wah Fu Estate, Pok Fu Lam)

  • Other collaborating Non-Governmental Organisations


Application & Contacts

​We welcome all applications and enquiries. Please contact us at:


  • Tel: 3612-9515 (Health In Action Community Pharmacy)

  • WhatsApp: 5285-7194 

  • Fill in & submit our online application form


We will respond via phone calls / WhatsApp / emails, and arrange your first consultation.

Our Pharmacist will meet you according to your preferred mode to provide medication management service, compile medication list and formulate action plans with you in the first service session.

Based on mutual needs, participants and Pharmacist can initiate to arrange subsequent follow-up sessions. Participants can also obtain timely assistance via our Pharmacist Hotline.

Pharmacist will conduct final evaluation at the 9th month of service.

Application: Fill in and submit the online enrolment form, or WhatsApp us

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